盛り (Prime) Novel



A black velvet sky with a gorgeous scarlet moon, is giving a seductive leer at the ingenious paimon artist, who is creating a masterpiece by using a human’s thick and sweet blood.

As the silent shadows, begin to hide away from the benevolent and blazing sun. As the bloodstains lay on the rough and grey concrete road, tired parents are walking out of their front doors ten minutes early.

In order to miss the traffic jams on the way to work. As several parents open their house gate and turn around to close their gates, they suddenly feel an awry feeling, running down their spines. One parent slowly turns around down at the road to see the Paimons masterpiece.

“Noo!” said one parent, while letting off a hysterical scream.

There is a potent sinister smell coming from the crime scene. Another parent has her right hand firmly on her mouth, to stop her from throwing up. What lies on the cold concrete road, is a drawing of a human skull in blood. Shortly after the parents witnessing this surreal nightmare, the police flood the scene, with news reporters latest “Intel” rushing down the online stream.

Elsewhere in Japan there is a boy called Iki who is 17-years old, with crimson red hair and fierce light yellow coloured eyes. He is currently 5ft5 and is eating three slices of bread, while watching the terrifying incident, which the news reporters managed to find this morning. He looks at the time on the T.V. suddenly realises he is going to be late for school, so he quickly grabs his T.V. remote and turns it off, and quickly throws on his school bag. He checks to see if he has his phone with him and rushes to his door to put on his shoes for school.

Iki runs and opens his gate to his house and then closes it, he looks left and then right to see how busy the path is, and so he can start running to school. The school gate is beginning to close and he is still quite far away from the gate. Iki starts to get serious. He focuses on getting past the gate in time; his heart starts to beat rapidly, his oxygen intake begins to rise.

The amount of energy pumped to his muscles increases immensely, he starts to accelerate swiftly. The teachers behind the gate see Iki running towards to gate but know that he will not make it in time, so they turn around to walk back into the school building. Iki stops shortly in front of the school gate, and squats down. Then suddenly releases the built up momentum and propels Iki flying over the school gate and in front of the teachers.

“wha…” said a teacher.

“How is did he, do that!” said another teacher.


Iki was not going to stop and talk to the teachers; he rushed into the school building.

“Iki stop right now!” said a teacher who is vexed at the fact this lowly student, managed to complete such a jump in his manner.

Iki ignored the teacher’s call for him to stop where he is, continues to run up the stairs, and goes into class. He closes the classroom door slowly and creeps passed his fellow students and down, quietly. BANG! The teachers from outside slam the door open.

“Iki come with us right now!” said a teacher.

He was not surprised that the teachers had something to say to him, as they did not like him much. Iki waltz towards the door and walked with the teachers a few steps down the corridor. The raged teachers try to intimate him by stopping and getting up close to Iki.

“Do you not realise what you did!” says an angry teacher

Iki is not intimated by any of the teachers says, “I just jumped over the gate and made it to school on time, I don’t see the problem.”  One teacher loses his cool, grips up Iki’s shirt, and says, “I’ll teach you manners!” The teachers are trying to calm him down and to release Iki. As the teacher releases him, Iki instinctively round house kicks the teacher in the head. In which sends the teacher flying to the window, it smashes. As silence began to spread rapidly, so did anger, as other teachers and students heard the noise and came out to see the incident.

“I always knew Iki didn’t belong here!” says a student

“Such a vulgar child.” says a teacher

“Get out of here scum!” says a student

The teachers and the student start to chant “go now scum!”

Due to the overwhelming pressure, Iki thought it was wise to leave while he had the chance; the students were throwing any objects they could find at Iki. He did not retaliate to them, just carried on walking out of the school building.  He walks home and it starts to rain heavy, he does not even think about an umbrella, as the rain is currently comforting his pain. “Why would I worry about a cold, when my hearts colder” says Iki to himself as he walks up the stairs to his apartment. “Tell me why I have to deal with this world?” Iki asks while looking up at the sky from the outside corridor to his apartment.


“I wonder what my parents will say when they find I got kicked out of school…tsh I bet they wouldn’t even care, as they are never here for me; but always have time for work” says Iki. As he puts his apartment, key into his door and unlocks it. “Why is it fine to discriminate me because of the color of my hair?” he says to himself. He walks inside his apartment and locks it, then heads into his bathroom to take off his clothes and puts them into a washing machine while he steps into his shower.

“Why do I get stereotyped as a violent person because of the way I look?” he says to himself.

He activates the shower and lets the water run along down his buff body. “What am I going to do now? No school will want to accept me now”, He grabs a bottle of shampoo to put in his hair, and squirts a tiny bit out. He begins to massage it into his hair, he realises that he was lucky that the teachers did not call the police, as it would be hard for him to get a part time job.

The steam from the shower starts to become thick, since he has been thinking in the shower for too long. He turns off the shower and dry is himself with a towel, and then puts on a fresh set of clothes.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK  ! DING DING DING DING! “So they did call the police in the end…” Iki says to himself as he walks to the door to unlock and open it.  Suddenly Iki gets a drop kick to the face, he falls to the floor “who the hell…” says Iki aloud, “I can’t believe you kicked a teacher in the head, what on earth you was thinking,” says Aiko. She is Iki’s childhood friend and has been looking after for a long time.

“Aiko…Why did you drop kick me?” says Iki, she frowns and says “didn’t you hear a thing I just said?” says Aiko. Iki makes a screw face and says, “Well maybe I could of if I didn’t get dropped kick at my front door!” says Iki.

“Why don’t I drop kick you some more, to help you hear well!” says Aiko, Iki stands up and says “why don’t I drop kick you and teach you some manners!” Aiko gets closer and says, “I’d like to see you try”, Iki with an upset face says, “You know they wanted to get rid of me anyway”.

Aiko closes the front door and walks up to Iki and hugs him, and says, “I know you have it hard, but that’s still no reason to be feeling sad. You are a strong man, you always have been”. He hugs her back and says “Thank you Aiko for always being there for me…” Iki closes his eyes and she is smiles.

Iki starts to reminisce about his childhood memories, he would play with the other children in kinder garden as he was popular, but one day his hair turned red and the children turned on him.

They would gang up on him and bully him simply for the colour of his hair. One time he would be in the park alone to play by himself and the other children came and said “gross, look at your hair”, “devil!” They would punch and kick Iki down on the floor for the same reason.


Aiko ran and stopped the other children from hurting Iki anymore, he was crying whilst on lying on the floor with grazes and bruises. Aiko comforted him, and walked him home and explained to his parents what had happened. Even though Iki does not remember this, his parent always loved and cared for him and was so shocked they went to each child’s house to talk to their parents about the situation.

No one really tried to understand Iki, are saw that he really was. He was outcast and humiliated, by peers and teachers, except from Aiko of course.

Iki opens his eyes and says to Aiko “Your breath stinks”, Aiko executes a swift uppercut on Iki, and says “hmmph” while walking off in his apartment to his bedroom. Iki says, “Owww, you didn’t have to hit me that hard” while recovering and slowly following Aiko.  KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Iki says “this is probably the police so stay in my room”, he walks to his door and opens it. Hugo sidekicks Iki and sends him flying backwards, and says “yoo”. Iki catches his breath and recovers then looks up slowly and says “who the hell…WHY THE HELL YOU SIDE KICK ME HUGO HUUUH”.

Iki storms up to Hugo and Hugo replies with “cause I was bored” while picking his nose with his pinky finger on his left hand. “The veins on Iki’s forehead begin to bulge, then he says, “Why don’t I send you to heaven so you can have fun there”. “Calm down Iki it’s not a big deal,” says Hugo as he walks straight into Iki’s house with no invite. “I think anyone getting side kicked when they just open the door is a big deal!” says Iki.

“Is the reason why your mad because you have a girl in here…” says Hugo, Iki looks down and says “no of course not”.

Hugo smiles and walks up to Iki and places his right arm around him and says, “Ooh, since when did Iki become a player aye.” Iki still looks down then slowly up and says,” I don’t have a girlfriend in the first place how can I be a player?”. “Wait so there is a girl in this house!” says Hugo. Aiko walks into the same area and says “yes I’m the girl in this house, what do you want?”

“Nice to meet you I’m Hugo and aspiring doctor, would you like to take my resume, I look forward to hearing from you,” says Hugo, Aiko uppercuts Hugo and he falls to the ground like a sheet of paper.

“I know that was something dirty, you pervert!” Hugo jumps back up from the floor and says “what do you mean that was dirty, the only thing dirty here is your hair”. Hugo and Aiko are about to clash, when Iki intervenes to say “guys let’s not fight each other”. Aiko turns and looks at Iki and says “guys?” Hugo turns, looks, and says “guys?”, and then they both start beating up Iki.

“What did I even do!” they left Iki on the floor while they both started to walk off and talk about random stuff.


“Erm, this is my place, you know!” says Iki while looking baffled. Aiko and Hugo stop to turn back and look at Iki; Hugo says “why did you kick a teacher at school? More importantly what are you going to do now?” Iki lifts his upper body up from the floor in a seated position and says “I don’t know anymore”.

Aiko and Hugo stay silent while walking towards him. “What can I do? I’m treated like this no matter where I go” says Iki, Aiko withholds her true feelings and has a cold expression. Hugo walks towards Iki and picks him up and says “bro…No matter what you know I got your back”. Iki stands up straight and says “thank you brother, I have got your back as well” KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK.



“This has to be the police this time!” says Iki, Hugo walks to the door and says “don’t worry; I’ll open it, just hide in the back. Iki puts his arm out to stop Hugo and says “it’s my responsibility, I’ll handle It.” he proceeds to open his door, no one is there. He steps forward and pops his head out to the left to see if anyone was there. Still there was no one to be seen, he pops his head to the right and see’s nothing.

Iki turns around to say “There’s no one…” he gets interrupted as Reo says “BOOOOOOOM!!!”, while barging Iki to the side.”Gaze on these magnificent muscles, I was blessed by the God’s”, Reo starts to tense his upper body muscles violently, this causes his school shirt to rip apart. “Who’s the ugly friend of yours Iki?” says Aiko, Reo starts to cry and crawls up into a corner.

Reo is 5ft5 with the universe’s most sexy muscles [Self claimed.] He has hazel green eyes, and he has blonde spiky hair. He has a good smile and he always tends to take off his top.

“He’s one of my friends, his name is Reo” says Iki, “Aiko look at what you have gone and done, you made Iki’s friend sad” says Hugo. “HUH, who made who mad!” says Aiko as she walks up to Hugo. “Isn’t obvious!” he says, Aiko and Hugo continue to make thug type faces at each other, until Reo gets up from the floor and brushes himself off. “I heard what happened Iki, just know that I got your back no matter what happens” says Reo. Iki, who was slightly annoyed from being barged to the side, was happy that Reo said that and smiles and says “thank you bro, same to you”.

“Reo close my door please, I don’t want my neighbors to get annoyed” says Iki, Reo walks to the door and closes it, then turns around to walk back to Iki and the others. Suddenly someone knocks on the door, Aiko, Hugo and Iki get annoyed and walk towards the door while Reo opens the door. Iki’s neighbor is standing there and says “If you guys don’t keep the noise down!”, ” If we don’t keep the noise down, what are you going to do?” says Aiko, Hugo, Iki and Reo at the same time, with all of them with thuggish facial expression, the neighbor looks at them and proceeds to say “Sorry, I was the one being noisy”.


“Of course, one wouldn’t dare insult my gorgeous muscles” says Reo, while he closes the door. Iki sighs and walks to his bedroom to lie down, the others soon follow. Iki lies on his belly with his head resting on his arms, “Tell me why you sitting on top of my Reo?” Reo with a proud smile says “I’m going to give you a back massage for potential muscle growth”. Hugo looks shocked and says “Seriously? I thought you were…” Aiko interrupts to say “Hugo don’t even say what you was about to say”. Hugo says “HUH, WHY NOT!”, she gets annoyed and says ” BECAUSE I SAID SO, GOT IT!”, “can you guys stop arguing for one second and help me get out of this massage situation please” says Iki. Aiko and Hugo look away from Iki and say “No.


Iki looks at them both and says “I have been betrayed!” Aiko, Hugo and Reo laugh. A few hours pass. “It’s getting late now, I’ll be around tomorrow so you better be in Iki” says Aiko. ” I better get going as well, I don’t want my parents getting worried” says Hugo, “You can stare at my Godly muscles all day however, my muscles do indeed need to rest after such a hard day, so I’ll be going home” says Reo. Hugo looks at Reo with a confused expression and says “What did you even do today?” He replies by saying “Nothing much”, Iki walks everyone out and says “Thank you everyone for coming to see if I’m okay, I appreciate it.” Iki then closes the door and goes into his bed to sleep.

Meanwhile, the Principal is coming back from a short holiday and is being told about what happened with Iki and the teacher. “I got it. Be sure to call him in for a meeting tomorrow” she says to her assistant.





Chapter 1 – The red rose

As the sun starts to rise, the birds start to tweet, the warming amber leaves are slightly swaying to the left; and then to the right.

As the comforting winds hug the joyful leaves, then continues to waltz through the concrete maze. As children laugh without any troubles and causally walk down the street while holding their ice creams.

Iki is sleeping with his right hand spread out and his right knee raised against his mattress. He suddenly turns over on his back, with his right hand lying on his belly. He starts to snore, until an unpleasing knock happens at his door.

“Noo, do not touch my expensive shampoo” says Iki while he continues to sleep, despite the loud Bang! He’s door flies flat onto the floor, the principal had enough of waiting and decided to kick down his door. “Surely he is not still asleep after all that?” says the principal, veins in her forehead begin to bulge; a red aura engulfs the principal, as her rage begins to overflow.

She power walks to his room and see’s Iki sleeping like a baby. She raises her right leg as high as she can and Boom! The shock wave of the kick sends Iki through his bed.”Oooufff” says Iki, his eyes wide open as he feels the power of the kick, his breathing stopped for a short period.

He instinctively put his hands on his belly, he is in shock. As he looks up in a crawl position, Iki see’s the principal’s raven black heels, and her pearly white skin.

“If you look up any further you will get expelled this time for sure.” she says, Iki stopped lifting his head up and looks down at his bedroom floor, he says “I thought I was already expelled?”, she shakes her head as she says “They do not get to choose whether you get expelled or not, that is my job.”

A quick moment of silence enveloped the room.

“Although saying that I think it may be right to transfer you after all, it seems like most of the students and even the teachers are out to get you…How about transferring to another school to get a fresh start?” She says.

Iki stands up and rolls his shoulders back and says “you don’t understand that, no matter where or how far I go, I get treated the same.” The principal has a sadden expression and says “just because of your red hair?” Iki laughs although he hurts him deep inside, “Yeah, just because of my stupid red hair”.


She looks into Iki’s warm orange eyes, and says “Well then…I guess I have no choice, you will have to study at my place.” Iki’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. “What? Are you being serious?” The principal with a frown says “it’s not ‘what’; it’s to thank you for being such a kind and generous human being.” Iki turns his head slightly and says quietly “Why would I learn from someone who looks like a devil?”

The principal swiftly replies “Did you just call me a devil?” a mysterious aura starts to circulate around her body. Iki gets intimidated and says “sorry…” She dispersed her aura and calms down and says to herself “I nearly gave away my true identity.”, “Do not say sorry, it was my fault.” she affirms to Iki. He feels like the principal is very kind and starts appreciating her. “I’ll take you up on your offer.” says Iki while scratching the back of his head.

“Well I need to head back to school as I have other meetings to attend to. Iki this is my address meet me at my house tomorrow at 7:30 am sharpest, you do not want to know what will happen if you arrive late.” says the principal while her heels start to click as she waltz towards the door.


“7:30am? That’s impossible!” says Iki, She stops and turns to face Iki before leaving his home and says “You have to make it possible or…” she smiles and turns back to open his front door and leaves to go to her school meetings.

Iki’s front door closes, “Well you must like that boy a lot…” says the principal assistant, the principal stays silent and flicks her hair back.

The assistant holds her documents with her right arm and says “okay, I will not say anymore, but you realize what will happen if you meddle too far in.”, She smiles and says “I know, I know.” Meanwhile, Aiko is walking on the street and she’s the principal and her assistant near Iki’s home, getting into a taxi.

She quickly pulls her phone out from her bag and swiftly rings Iki’s phone number.

Beep, Beep, Beep, “the number you have called is unavailable, please try again later” says an automated telephone voice.

“What’s going on? I’m worried now; I need to check his house.” She says to herself. Aiko dashes to his house, she places her hands on her knees, as her the bottom of her white dress rests on her upper side of her palms.

Aiko catches her breath, and begins to knock on his door with a sense of urgency. “Iki are you there?” says Aiko, as he opens the door she quickly hugs Iki, resting her soft face against his chest and as she hears his heart beat racing Aiko says “I’m glad…I’m so glad you’re okay.” Iki is confused to why she is hugging her and says “what happen?”, “nothing happened…I’m just glad you’re okay.” He does not know how to respond, so his hugs her closer and says “it’s okay now.”


“Ooooh love birds” says a neighbor walking past, Aiko’s and Iki’s face turns red, she grips Iki and performs a back slam move on him. “Why? What did I even do?” says Iki as he fake cries. She turns her head away and says “Hmph”. Iki stands up and brushes himself down and says “oh yeah, I forgot to say. The principle wants me to study at her house.” Aiko is baffled to as why the principle would want him to study at her home, when he could be studying at her office or a private school room. “I don’t know Iki; I have a bad feeling about this…” Iki laughs and stops to say “There’s nothing to worry about, at least I don’t have to see any of those people again.”



Aiko moves her left hand across her body onto her right forearm, and says “Yes you’re right, as long as you’re happy.” His belly rumbled “ahh man…I’m so hungry. What time is it?” he wobbles slowly to his phone to check the time, before Aiko had a chance to reply. “WHAT! It’s 13:00 already. I have not even had breakfast.” Aiko ties up her hair and says “just sit down and relax, I’ll make you something.” Iki smiles and says “Thanks for supporting Aiko, I appreciate it.” She stays silent and smiles while she starts preparing to make the food. “Aiko, we’ve known each other since we were young. But something has been bothering me…” says Iki, Aiko places the lid on the pot and turns around and says “What’s on your mind?”



“How comes I have not seen your parents, even though I have known you since kindergarten?” He says curiously. She lowers her head and walks towards him slowly, “Iki it’s not important.” He feels uneasy as she approaches him, he wants to get up and move but for some reason he unable to move a muscle. She places her left index finger on Iki’ forehead and makes him fall asleep. “You are becoming too curious lately Iki, I’m wondering if I should erase your memories again.” Iki is in a deep sleep. “It’s time to finish cooking and get ready to leave before he wakes up.” She leaves the cooked food on the table with a pink note saying, ‘Sorry something has come up, I have to leave early.’ She put her heels on and leaves Iki’s house 10 minutes before he wakes up in a daze.



He slowly opens his eyelids and feels groggy for some reason. “I’m sure I was with Aiko just a moment ago?” He places his hand on his face and says “Why…Why can’t I remember what happened?”  As he is feeling bewildered, he tries to think of tasks to do, to get his mind back on track. Then suddenly his belly rumbles for a span of time, “Ah, I need to eat first!” He strolls to his kitchen to find a pink note on the table. “What’s this?” he says to himself.


Iki opens it up and begins to read through the note, he drops the note and pulls his chair from the table and sits down. He finishes the food which was cooked for him and walks to his bedroom and takes out an old diary. He picks up a black ink pen and under the 234 incident, he writes down what happened today. “All of these events are connected with Aiko, I need to find out the truth…But how can I? It’s almost impossible if I always end up losing my memories.”


The next day, Iki meets up with Aiko at a family restaurant, Aiko holds down her red dress as she sits down at one of the restaurants table. Iki sits down with his blue jeans and his white Diamonds and Aces t-shirt. They both hold menus and decide what they would like to eat.


“Excuse me, can we order?” says Iki, they place the menu’s down on the table. Aiko crosses her legs and grasps her fingers together and places her hands on her lap. “I know you didn’t call me here just to eat Iki.” He gives Aiko firm eye contact and says “Who are you really?”

“Well know that’s rude. You have known me since kindergarten.” says Aiko, Iki bring out his diary and passes it to her and says “I think this will help you answer my question.”, “If she really is the person who wipes my memories, she won’t be able to do it in such a public place full of people.” Iki says to himself. She has a crazy smile and says “You think just because we are in a public place, I won’t remove your memories. Do not be stupid.” She wipes his memories again, by reaching over the table and kissing him so no one got suspicious. “Huh, what I’m I doing here?” says Iki, Aiko smiles normally and says “We are on a date silly, did you forget?”


“Oh, sorry…I feel a bit dizzy.” says Iki as he walks to the Men’s toilets. He runs one of the taps in a sink and watches the water flow down. He places his hands on either side of the sink, and then stares at the floor. “Lucky the toilets are empty.” he says to himself, suddenly Iki hears a beep sound coming from his pocket. He reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out a voice recorder, it seems to stop recording. He plays it and hears the conversion with Aiko. Iki seats back down at the table and say “So what did we have planned for today?” at this point Aiko doesn’t suspect anything.  Aiko smiles and says “You should probably go home for today, as you’re feeling dizzy.


You shouldn’t force yourself to stay out.” Iki took this as an opportunity to hide the evidence he had acquired “Yea I guess you’re right.” he says while picking up his belongings and walking with Aiko towards the door.

They see the smiles and laughs from many different people, the click; clack sounds from the heels & shoes strolling to their destination. They can feel the warmth from the blazing sun, hugging their body. A sweet scent is swirling around in the air like a beautiful butterfly.


The city buildings are almost glowing in the day time, almost like the city is alive. They walk together side by side down the street and up the stairs of a bridge. They are walking on the bridge and they are about halfway to the other side. They are laughing and smiling and having a great time. Without any warning the bridge collapses, and Iki happens to fall down with the parts of the bridge while his body hits off the some of the rumble on the road below. His cold body lies on the road, the only sounds which could be heard were the squeaking from car brakes and the scream of other people on the bridge. Aiko jumps down from the bridge when people were not looking and fell to her knees next to Iki. “How could I let this happen to you!” she says while tears rushed down her cheeks, “I was suppose to protect you now look at what happened.” she puts her arms around Iki’s dead body and says “I’m sorry…I’m sorry.”


As she begins to lift him up the police are arriving at the scene, so she decides to jump on top of a building then disappears. Aiko takes him back to her house where she lays him down on her bed and says “I should of just told you the truth when, I had the chance.”, her soft fingers begin to feel Iki’s ice cold face and she begins to tell the story of what happened…



Chapter 2- The Red Rose Part 2


“It was a gloomy Sunday night, and the sky was stained with black ink.

The restless winds were running around town, searching for people to scare. You could hear the shadows laughter from afar, and see the black-hearted moon’s smile.

One black owl with white colored eyes, twists its neck at a ninety degree angle, while maintaining a sinister stare.

It feels like death itself is slowly roaming the streets, to see what it can feast upon; it creeps upon a human while, gentling slicing his throat. The blood gashes out from his neck, his eyes fade, and his body drops down backwards.” explained Aiko.

“A Paimon nine feet tall was killing humans at random; in total it killed 900 people. For the first time in the Sensum society have they witnessed such a massacre, it had such a turbulent affect on the balance of the three worlds.

On this day marked only the beginning of a blood-shed war against the Paimons. This was all to bring balance to the three worlds. Unfortunately, this did not solve anything as it caused the three worlds to merge, only Individuals from the human world with a high level of soul energy can see us (sensors) and the Paimons.

Iki your parents captains in the Sensum society, and they were ordered to officially start the war against the Paimons. Things were going well, however one day; you were walking back from Elementary school one day.

A powerful Paimon had his eyes on your Soul energy, they sensed you was in trouble and rushed to the scene. However, the Paimon knew that they would come, so he waited and ambushed your parents.

The Paimon swung his blade like arm at your parents, your mother was able to block the surprise attack, but your father was taken by surprise and was killed instantly. This immediately Enraged your mother as she slashed down the Paimon, by first slashing the chest, then the Paimons arms and lastly it’s head.” she rambled.

“Your mother’s heart turned permanently cold; the only thing she desires now is the death of all the Paimons.

Although, you were young and your Soul energy should be weak, it was strong and you saw your father’s death and you saw your mother kill the Paimon.


Your mother saw me hiding away, because I was too much of a coward to protect you from danger. She told me to seal away your memories and to protect you from danger even if it costs me my own life.

I nodded and made sure that I would protect you with everything I had.

Then she disappeared to get her revenge against all the Paimons. I’m sorry I’ve kept this from you…But you need to understand it was for your own good. Iki please tell me…you’re still alive.” cried Aiko, while gripping the side of Iki’s t-shirt.


“I knew you…were hiding something from me” mumbles Iki. Aiko is shocked and happy at the same time to see Iki alive. She hugs him while Iki starts to use his hands to elevate his body upwards, then turns faces Aiko. “Why…Why did you let my father die?” Iki says, as the darkness began to shallow the last of the light in his eyes. She sees his eyes and realizes that he is emotionally drowning in pain. This is because the death of his father.

“Answer me!” Iki shouted. Aiko sways back a bit from Iki, as she is shocked that he would act this way. She finds her composure and says “I was too much of a coward…I’m sorry, I really Am.”, “I don’t think your to blame for my father’s death.” says Iki. He slaps his legs and shouts “Alright now time to go to make some food, I’m hungry.” Aiko cannot believe how fast he got over his father’s death.


“How can he just move on like that?” Aiko whispers to herself. “What’s did you say you old hag?” says Iki while rolling his shoulders forwards and walking away. Aiko’s eyes were instantly filled up with a joking “rage”, “What did you call me!”

He just carries on strolling into her kitchen to make him some food, she swiftly follows behind him. “You know Aiko, life is weird at times, one minute you hate someone the next minute, and you wished you did more things with them while they were alive


She walks up to Iki from behind and hugs him, “It’s okay to be honest with your feelings Iki.” tears slowly start to fall. “I’m sorry…you have to see me like this.” he mutters, Aiko embraces him more and reassures him “It’s okay. I’m here for you, you can be yourself around me, and I’ll embrace everything.” She begins to passionately slide her soft hands along Iki’s arms down to his hands. Their fingers slowly begin to intertwine, a just feeling surges through both of their bodies.  His eyes widen. His tears stop. His heart starts to beat faster. Iki releases the connection he has at his finger tips and slowly slides his fingers away from hers, to turn his body and face directly at her. Aiko leans in slightly. He leans in closer as well. She closes her eyes lids with a vision of passion. Iki follows suit, their loving lips are ready to connect. Suddenly they see Hugo standing next to them with his Smartphone out and say “Smile for the camera” with a cheeky grin.


Aiko’s and Iki’s hearts “drop” in shock that Hugo has witnessed them trying to kiss each other. Iki quickly round house kicks the phone out Hugo’s hand and Aiko quickly Sidekicks Hugo in the private area. “ARGHHH, MY MANLY HOOD” screams Hugo, while rolling on the floor. “Phew” says Aiko and Hugo at the same time, “Now then” says Aiko glaring at Hugo with an evil smile. “Let’s make sure, he doesn’t share anything else” she asserts, Iki pulls out some black tape out of nowhere and responds “We have no choice Hugo.”


After they all calmed down, especially Aiko, she asks “How did you manage to get into my house?” Hugo looks away with a blasé attitude replies “your door was open, so I walked in…” Aiko gets annoyed and says “So you just walk into anyone’s home, if their door is open?” Hugo turns to face her and says “Yep.” Iki has to hold Aiko back from kicking Hugo again. He starts to whistle which aggravates her even more.


The atmosphere changes as Hugo mentions that “Hugo. Your memories have returned right?” Iki looks startled that he knows such a thing. Aiko immediately says “How do you know about that? Don’t tell me you over heard the conversation we were having before?” There’s a period of silence in the room, He replies “yes I overheard everything, and in all honesty it doesn’t surprise me. I had a feeling Iki was different from the rest of us.”


“Who really is this guy? Is he really just a student at school or…” Aiko says to herself

“Why are you so calm about the situation? Don’t you find this weird?” Iki asks Hugo, he replies with “We have more important things to discuss; now you have your memories back. You are going to be targeted by the Sensum society and by high level Paimons. The Sensum society will not allow someone with great Sensum energy to do as they please. It doesn’t matter if you are the captain’s son. In addition, once the Paimons realise that you are the son of the one of the strongest captains, they will be looking to kill you.” Aiko declares.


“I just have to seal his Energy and memories again.” Iki grits his teeth and shouts “No! I want to get revenge for my father.”, “Are you sure you want to be getting revenge?” says Hugo, he frowns and looks at Hugo and says “What do you mean?”

Hugo says “I mean your mother has already lost her mind, why would you do the same.” Iki loses his temper and shouts “WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT MY MOTHER!” Hugo stays silent. “WHAT DO YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT ME!” shouts Iki? Hugo continues to stay quiet; Aiko says to Hugo “I think it would be best if you just leave.” Hugo turns around and leaves Aiko’s house.

It’s now night time, cars have their dipped beams on, and the brake lights leave a swirling trail. The moon is calm and bright, the stars twinkle from left to right. The temperature isn’t too cold this night, yet the feeling of fear is lurking in the shadows, silent screams of death are flooding the streets.


Hugo is still walking around the streets at night. A 10 feet shadow closes in on Hugo and slams his right foot into the concrete, causing rubble and stones to clash and clatter. The tall big built shadow starts to lust for Hugo’s flesh. The Paimon standing right behind Hugo, says “You must be Iki…DIE!” while striking for Hugo’s neck.

As he is so much thought about what Iki said, he didn’t even notice the Paimon behind him…The strike hit Hugo like a thunderclap, the blow sent him crashing through business building. Hugo is in a seat like position with his head down, with the blood twinkling down from his head.


“Wha…jus…happened?” He says to himself, he sees the blood dripping down from his head. “Ah…why I’m I bleeding?” The paimon jumps right into the business building and stands right over Hugo, as it prepares to deliver the finishing blow. “I’m seriously…Not going to survive, another hit. I guess…this is it.” Since the business building is damage the rumble from the ceiling continues to fall down.


The streets are empty, the sky is covered with a coal black, and the streets lamps are flickering. Hugo is in danger, as there is no one to come to his rescue. He needs to run away and escape right now. “Tsch, ‘me run away?’ Why would I think that? It seems like this Paimons getting too carried away!” Hugo says to himself.

“ARGHHHHHH” he shouts, as the royal purple energy swirls up and around Hugo’s body, causing the rumble just to lift off the ground, he does the Paimons punch. Which lifts the Paimon into the air, and then by light stepping in close to the Paimons body, he gently places his two fingers and his thumb on the hilt. Then he draws his blazing purple sword at an outstanding speed and slices through the powerless Paimon with one strike, he swiftly sheathes his sword.


The Paimons body disperses in to tiny bits of energy which Hugo absorbs, with a shadow cast over his face, and his fierce bright purple eyes. “This eye colour change, doesn’t really help…It will turn back to electric blue soon enough!”  Hugo whispers to himself as he walks to the where the hole is in the damaged business. “Now, let’s disappear before any one comes.” he says to himself while he disappears into the shadows.


Hugo stops in an alley way. “Did I forget something?” he says out loud to himself. “So you’re Iki, the one that all these Paimon want to kill…” Hugo sighs, “Here we go again…” The Paimon was defeated instantly. “I guess I brought this on myself by trying to protect him.” says Hugo out loud. He adds “Wasn’t that the 1000th one? When did I even start protecting him from Paimons?”


Elsewhere…”He has no clue what I’ve been through; he has no right to talk to me or about my mother like that!” Argues Iki as his punches his wall, leave several cracks in the wall and tiny bits falling onto the ground.

“I don’t think anything I do anymore can comfort him. It would be best if I just leave him by himself, as hard as it is.” Aiko mentions to herself as she trudged into her bed room. Time passes and the while the moon encircles the earth, the benevolent sun, starts rise on earth. The sun’s rays rush through Aiko’s bedroom window, splashing light, on Iki and Aiko in the morning time.


Iki and Aiko happen to be sleeping in the same bed unaware.

“I’ll have the sponge cake please!” says Iki in his sleep, while he reaches his hand out to receive the cake.


“I’ll have a latte please” mumbles Aiko while she reaches out to grab her coffee. Hugo walks in Aiko’s home to make an apology; he quickly walks to Aiko’s room and prepares his resolve. He opens the door and sees Iki grab Aiko’s breasts and Aiko is grabbing Iki’s throat. Hugo looks baffled. “What the h… is this?” shouts Hugo. Aiko opens her eyes and looks down to where Iki’s hands her and stands up on the bed to jump up and elbow drop him, in his ‘Man’s pride.’ “Arrrrhhhhhhh” cries Iki while he rolls off the bed in pain. “What was that for!” says Iki, she just blanks him. “Well, yeah. I’m just going to go.” says Hugo while he attempts to disappear. Aiko light steps behind him and wraps rope around him, “You messed with the wrong one you thief!” “Thief?” asks Hugo as he gets even more confused. Aiko is still half asleep and looks away for a second, and Hugo tries to hop away.


“That’s right! You tried to rob my home while I was sleeping!” affirms Aiko as she turns to face him. “Huh? Where did he go?” she shouts. “Hugo is diligently hopping away, like a master!”I’m the best at hopping for no reason I can think of, ahahahahaha!” reveals out loud.


“Too bad Aiko, you choose the wrong one to ‘hop’ with” declares Hugo. “There you are! I’ll catch you now!” she shouts as she sprints down the hall way to get him. “Don’t be silly, I was only operating at 30% my full strength, I’ll show you 60%.” shouts Hugo as he rapidly hops through the hallway and up Aiko’s stairs, “Thinking back, I would of been on the Formula 1 team, if it wasn’t for them sweaty helmets.”  Hugo blurts out to himself as he swings the top of the stairs into bathroom.


He closes it using his back. “Where did he go!” says Aiko.

She notices that the bathroom is closed, “I KNOW YOUR IN THERE! EITHER YOU GET OUT OF I’LL BOOT THE DOOR DOWN!” shouts Aiko.

“Aiko what’s wrong it’s Iki, I’ll be out as fast as I can. Could you wait ten minutes?” cleverly says Hugo as he impersonates Iki.

“Oh, sorry Iki… Doesn’t worry take your time?” she says.

“Phew” utters Iki.

“Aiko is everything okay?” says Iki who is walking up the stairs.


“Hold on a minute, If Iki is there then, who’s in the toilet?” she says to herself out loud, “Did you know that humans can fly, many people doubt this, but as it stands I have no choice but to fly to up to the sky!” Hugo says to himself out loud with a smirk.

He hops onto the window ledge and says “I can believe I can fly!” shouts Hugo (please don’t try this at home.) He lands flat on his face, and says “I can believe I can die!” says Hugo while feeling pain all over his body.

“Just because I have powers doesn’t mean I’m immortal, valuable life lesson.” Hugo says to himself. Aiko and Iki walk outside to see Hugo tied up and lying on the floor. They both ask Hugo “where are you outside?” He sighs and says “Don’t worry; it’s not worth explaining.”






盛り Chapter 3- The  Tiger


“Anyway Iki, I’m here to apologies for what I said yesterday.” announces Hugo. Iki makes a serious face and says “You went too far Hugo…But I understand why you said it.” Aiko smiles and says “It’s good you have forgiven your best friend.” How long have I’ve known Hugo again” says Iki as he reminisces.

It was about 12 years ago…When Iki was playing in the park, and he noticed Hugo with his head down, looking lonely on the swings. “Hey Do you want to play?” said Iki, Hugo raised his head to look him, Iki smiles asks again “Do you want to play?” Hugo stands up and in high spirits responds with “Yeah, let’s play”.


They played and had fun. But then it got dark, so Iki’s mum came to collect him.

“Bye, Hugo” express Iki with a smile.

“Bye, bye” replies Hugo with a smile.

Hugo turned around and went back onto the swings.


[Iki finishes reminisces.] Hugo, who was abandoned by his family when he was a baby, didn’t have any friends, but meeting Iki changed his life. Skip through a couple years, Hugo had been taken in by another family, but as they were busy Hugo was still alone.

However, he still went to the same school as Iki. He was anti social at school, but only spoke to two people, Iki, and his crush Yuki. “Hey, did you hear Hugo has a crush on Yuki” asks a student in Hugo’s class.


“Wow, seriously?” asks another student. Hugo gets up from his chair and says “Tsch” and flings his bag over his shoulder and walks to the door. He slides the door and walks into Yuki by accident. She falls down and drops her books on the floor. He is shocked by what has happened and says “ah…I’m sorry.” she loses her temper “JUST GET AWAY FROM ME!” she replies.

He is devastated she would say that to him and he just walks away with his head down. Hugo skipped the rest of the classes that day, its 9:00 pm now and the sky has an eerie look to it.


He’s walking through the streets and bumps into a group of thugs. “Oi do you want to fight Huh?” says one of the thugs. Hugo does not respond, and continues to carry on walking along.

Another one of the thugs grabs Hugo’s arms, “You’re not going anywhere till you get taught a lesson.” affirms the thug while sniggering. A police car speeds past, “Oh look at that not even the police want to save you.” says the third thug.


“Hold him boys, I’m going to punch him up.” says the fourth thug.

“How did it end up like this, first my crush hates me, now I’m getting punched by a group of thugs.” Hugo utters to himself.

“HUUH, what was that?” says one of the thugs. “Enough of this…” says Hugo out loud.

He throws a right then a left jab into one of the thugs face. The thug is rocks backwards, and K.O’S on the floor.

“NOW YOU’VE DONE IT!” says the second thug. He throws a right hook at Hugo, but his slips it and left uppercuts the thug, he lifts up the thug’s body in the air and his body drops like concrete on the floor.


There are two thugs left, one of them tries to elbow Hugo in the jaw, he doges and sidekicks the thugs jaw, the impact flew the thug into the railings. The last thug Picked up a broken glass bottle and is running up from behind Hugo to bottle him. The thug jumps up and puts all his energy to swinging the bottle at him, Hugo jumps forward and doges the thug. The thug smiles and says “Your finished now.” he runs towards Hugo and swings for his throat.

Hugo doges and performs a jumping spinning round house kick, which twists the thugs head round. His body drops on the floor; the thug was knocked out cold.


Hugo catches his breath and uses his hand rub off the blood from his lips. He starts to walk away, till the wind sends a dangerous shiver down his spine, “What’s this shadow on the floor?” Hugo asks himself.

“Well now, I hope you’re ready to be eaten like them humans, who were on the floor?” says the Paimon.

Fear enslaved Hugo’s mind, he body was shaking from the fear of death. He glances to where the thugs were. He only sees a few bones and blood on the pavement.

“Wha…I’m going to die!” screams Hugo. The Paimons huge Sharpe teeth are getting ready to devour Hugo.


He falls on the floor with his hands lifting his upper body up. “I…I’m…Really g-going to d-die!” cries Hugo. His mind goes black, “Well I can’t have that now” someone says with a smile inside Hugo’s mind.

“Who’s t-there?” he says in fear. “Weak, weak, SO WEAK!” explains some hidden person. He draws his sword from his sheathe and puts the tip of the blade at Hugo’s throat. “I’m taking over.” says the hidden person, as he thrusts the sword through Hugo’s throat. The Paimons is getting ready to eat Hugo.


While he starts to laugh historically “Know your place Paimon.” says the Paimon Hugo with his bright purple eyes and blazing purple hair.

His clothes changed into Paimons war clothes. His swords envelops His Paimon energy around his blade and with a slight flick of his wrist the energy went into his sword. Hugo slashes the paimon diagonally.


The Paimon to burst into energy which Hugo absorbed. “I need to kill more! More! More!” Shouts the Paimon Hugo as he rampages through the town killing every Paimon he can see.

Hugo Paimon stops on a roof top to chill. Suddenly Hugo says “Give it back.”, “GIVE IT BACK!” shouts Hugo. The Paimon Hugo’s mind goes black, “Give my body back!” Hugo shouts, with built up anger.


“Do you think, shouting from the top of your lungs is going to help.” says The Paimon Hugo. “GIVE IT BACK!” Hugo continues to shout. As the bottom of their world swirls the space black, and the sky is filled with white bright sky.

The Paimon Hugo slowly strolls towards him; Hugo is in his fighting stance with fierce looking eyes. “That’s more like it.” asserts the Paimon Hugo, while rapidly spinning his sword around, next to his torso.


He licks his front teeth, in excitement. Hugo feels intimidated by the Hugo Paimons pressure, he begins to sweat, and his hands start to shake. “C-can…I r-really…d-do this?” He questions himself. The Paimon Hugo creeps in closer to Hugo. “I need to run before…” He tells himself as a flash back of Iki crosses his mind.

“Hugo I truly believe you’re strong, the amount of hard times that have appeared in front of you. Somehow, you have always found a way to overcome them.” Says surreal Iki look a like.


Hugo smiles, while electric blue energy spurs from the ground and rotates around him, “I guess I have no choice but to overcome this obstacle.” he implies, Hugo places more of his body weight on his back leg. In which causes a huge mass of energy shifted to his back leg. He fast steps towards The Paimon Hugo, with his electric blue energy in his fists.


The Paimon Hugo fast steps to Hugo, with his purple energy circling his sword. He rapidly swings his sword from the right to slash Hugo across his chest. However, Hugo barely ducks underneath the blade. Hugo steps in closer and throws a corkscrew punch with his right hand to his Solar plexus, which the Paimon Hugo manages to avoid by using his left hand to blast a tremendous amount of energy directly at Hugo.


Hugo quickly side steps and leans his left hand on the ground, using it to uplift his lower body in the air while he swiftly performs a round house kick at the Paimons torso. He bends his left arm with his left hand in the center of his chest in a somewhat prayer position.

He releases a blast of energy directly aimed at Hugo’s leg. He instantly pulls back his leg and switches to his other arm to launch his round house kick. Time slows down as tries to block in time but is unable to. Hugo’s kick inflects enormous damage as it sends the Paimon Hugo flying, the Sky and the ground start to rotate.


The White sky becomes the ground and the sky becomes Black. Hugo creates a sword out his electric blue energy and fly’s above him while he is still falling to the ground. Hugo instantly spins and slashes the Paimon Hugo to the ground. “Y-you’ve…g-gotten…s-stronger Hugo…” he says. Then without hesitating Hugo pierces the Paimon Hugo in the heart. “I didn’t have a choice…”replies Hugo.

Meanwhile, security for the building is walking upstairs to find Hugo lying on the floor in his school uniform with blood stains.


They called an ambulance and shortly afterwards it came. They immediately took Hugo to the hospital to perform a few checkups. The next day Hugo is staring out of his hospital window. While the gentle breeze, makes the curtain slowly wave. The dazzling sun makes the golden leaves sparkle under its warm light.


He is appreciating nature’s beauty but also being grateful for the temporary peace. The birds are flying in the sky so freely, and he is truly happy that he can see. “The sky’s so blue today.” he says while smiling. “This almost makes me forget what happened…” Hugo says to himself in a serious tone, as he looks at the bandages around his torso and arms.


“I wish it was just a nightmare, but wishing it was just a nightmare, will not help me to become stronger. So I’ll wish for the strength to overcome every obstacle in my way till I die.” he assures himself, while clenching his right fist tightly. “But I definitely need strength to face Yuki again; she’s been my crush for years, but I nothing really had the courage to speak to her.” Hugo says out loud while he sighs. “It’s as quiet in this room as it’s only me in here.” he mentions to himself.


“WELL HELLO MY SECRET ADMIRER” shouts Yuki as she slams the door open. “Hugo did you get into a fight again?” says Iki, “I bet he tripped and fell on the floor.” claims Aiko. Hugo is dazed at the fact they are at his hospital room.


He is even more bewildered that Yuki heard what he said. “Y-Y-UKI!” blurts out Hugo while getting embarrassed, “Yes my secret stalker!” Yuki responds. He gets annoyed, “No one would stalk you, YOU OLD LADY!” declares Hugo. Iki faces palms, “Hugo you’re just making your situation worse.” he adds. “Well he is an idiot.” mentions Aiko.


“You shut up as well, you’re older than a grandma!” affirms Hugo with a justified smirk on his face. Aiko and Yuki get annoyed and decide to beat Hugo up even though he’s injured. Iki decides to leave the room before he gets hit, but they stopped him and hit him on the head. “What did I even do!” he asks out of confusion. “Equality.” phrases Hugo.


“Equality my ass!” says Iki, Hugo smiles and says “Equally is the future for mankind.” Iki with an annoyed tone says “I don’t want equality if I get hit by these old grandma’s!”, “well then…good luck!” says Hugo with an even bigger smile. Iki suddenly realized what he said and sprints around the room to try to get away from Aiko and Yuki. “Who are you calling a grandma, you look like a tomato tin!” says Aiko, “Do you jel your hair with tomato sauce? You should work for wacdonalds!” “WHAT! YOU GRANDMA’S NEED A SPANKING!” shouts Iki.

The nurse opens the door and says “Um, this is a hospital not a playground, could you behave and be quiet or leave.” Hugo kindly responds “Sorry grandma it won’t happen again!” The nurse gets irritated “WHO YOU CALLING A GRANDMA!” the nurse shouts. Iki smoothly replies “With that grey beard you have, I personally thought you were a granddad.” Hugo, Iki, Aiko and Yuki get kicked out the hospital and are told not to come back until they have some manners. They walk up to an intersection.



“Hugo are you fine walking with Yuki, I some place I need to go with Aiko?” asks Iki.

“Ah…yeah sure.” replies Hugo.

“Well bye then…have fun.” says Aiko.

“Um…bye?” responds Yuki

“See ya” replies Hugo.

“Well this is embarrassing, even though I was talking to him earlier. First I need to apology for being rude to him at school. I didn’t even mean to say what I said, I wanted to apologies before but couldn’t. “She explains to herself.

“Yuki, I’m sorry for bumping into you at school the other day, I didn’t mean to seriously!” he comments.

She smiles and looks into his eyes and replies “Don’t apologies. You didn’t do anything wrong.”


He feels relived as he was worried about that for a while. “Thank you.”

“Why are you saying thank you for…Hugo you’re so awkward at times.” she says while resting her head on his chest. He holds her closer, she feels warm and happy with his arm around her.

\He responds by saying “Sorry.” and she says “its fine…” They walk together till Yuki had to walk down a different street.


“Hugo I hope you get better soon.” she says with more than a genuine care for Hugo. He smiles as he watches her walk on, “This is one of the best days in my life. I don’t know if she feels the same way but I’m starting to fall in love with her.” he mentions to himself.

“The fact is I’ve liked him for a couple years now. I don’t think he remembers but I was in school walking up the stairs and tripped. He was the one who stopped me from falling, and then he carried me and my stuff to class. I’ve liked him for so long! That’s why I got so worried when I heard he was in hospital.


I rushed to his hospital and met Iki and Aiko there by accident.” she utters to herself while walking to her house. Meanwhile in another location, “I wish Hugo would stop being so reckless all the time, he makes me worried.” comments Aiko.

“I don’t think he can help It.” says Iki.

While looking at the sky…









Chapter-4 Reasons-事由

“I’m home.” says Hugo, as he takes off his plain white trainers, and places them facing the door at the genkan.

He slips on his house blue house slippers and says “Of course no one’s going to reply.” while walking down his hallway to the living room and sits down on his navy samba sofa.

He picks up his TV remote and turns on his Samsung TV, “The police believe that four thugs were killed because of gang wars, they…” mentions the news lady, suddenly Hugo switches over the channel to watch his favorite anime.


[looking up at the sky; thinking] “Ichigo… do you know how I hate rain? And it rains in this world, too. If your heart is troubled, the skies will become cloudy. If you grieve, it will rain ever so easily. [Pause] I wonder if you can understand… the fear of being rained on in this lonely world… To stop that rain, I shall lend you any strength, any power. If you just have faith in me, I will not allow any rain to fall upon this world. [Speaking out loud] Trust me, Ichigo. As long as I am here, you’ll never fight alone.”

Hugo switches off his TV and “I’ve got to stay strong!” he conveys to himself.

Hugo stands up and says “I’m going to train. I’ll start with 1000 sit ups to get my abdominals back in shape! 1, 2, 3…400.” he confirms while doing his sit ups.


He lifts up his Diamonds & Aces t-shirt to look at his gorgeous ripped muscles. While Hugo is admiring his own body, a couple of middle aged women on the street are looking at his muscles as his curtains are open.

One of the lady’s brings out binoculars and zooms in. “mmm…milk chocolate.” says the lady with the binoculars.

Hugo feels a shiver down his spine and turns and sees that there’s a group of middle aged lady’s outside looking at him.

Without hast he pulled the curtain across the window. “They must think I’m being vain…wait why did one of them have binoculars?” He says.



Hugo sees a photo with him and Iki in it and has a flash back.

“I don’t know why you’re so relaxed…” says the Paimon Hugo, the atmosphere abruptly went tense.

Hugo is startled at the fact the Paimon Hugo is still alive. “Are you surprised I’m alive? HAHAHAHA ME AND YOU ARE THE SAME! IF I DIE YOU DIE, AND IF YOU DIE I DIE STUPID!” he says.

Hugo grits his teeth, frowns and says “What do you want?” the Paimon Hugo says “I’m the Vrai Roi (true king) of the Paimons, the current king of the Paimons is a traitor.

You probably don’t remember this…No you can’t remember because you weren’t born yet. The day the previous king decided to marry a human; this obliviously shocked the entire Paimon race.


I mean Humans are just food we eat, so of course this caused chaos across the Paimon world. A couple years later, the human queen had a baby in secret. A couple months later, the leader of the rebels that planned to kill the king and queen.

The leader of the rebels is now the current king of the Paimon world, his name is Le Septieme (The seventh).

The king and the human queen had a feeling this would happen, so they sent you to the Human world in a way the sensors or the Paimons would not notice.”

Hugo looks confused, as he is clinching his fists, “Why are you telling me this? Why now? [Pause] After all this time…If you knew I had parents why wouldn’t you tell me?” He says out in frustration.


Vrai Roi says “Because I didn’t feel like it. But then again that boy you hang around with a lot, you should maybe consider staying away from him.”

Hugo gets even more agitated, Vrai Roi says “I’m saying this because it was a Paimon who killed his dad. By the way Hugo you should know by now you’re not human.” He quickly loses strength in his body, causing him to collapse on his knees with his hands on the floor.

“First my parents died without out me even knowing and secondly a Paimon killed my childhood friend’s dad this is just too much to take…” cries Hugo before he gets interrupted.

“Is a man and stand up, you‘ll never be the Vrai Roi of the Paimons like that.” says Vrai Roi. He doesn’t move or reply.


“Stand up or I’ll make you stand up.” he tells Him. “How can I face him, if a Paimon killed his father…when my father was the king of the Paimons?” he utters to himself.

Vrai Roi walks calmly walks towards Hugo, and slowly draws his sword out of his bittersweet red sheathe; He points it at Hugo’s head.


“How long are you going to be sobering on the floor for? You have to be a man now, you don’t have a choice. [Vrai Roi puts his sword away into his sheath.] It’s painful; life gives harder challenges to people who can handle it.

You may feel like there is no way out, and that people probably will never understand the pain you go through. Even though you go through a lot of pain, with no one to support you, doesn’t mean to stop in life and give up.


You have to pick yourself up again and again, and keep moving forward in life, I’m sure there are things you have seen in life which you are grateful for.” he says, at the same time Hugo lifts his head and absorbs everything the Vrai Roi said.

“He actually feels emotions as well?” he utters to himself. “Of course, like I said before we are the same person…” Vrai Roi replies while he walks away.


“Don’t forget to how those human parents took you in and looked after you through the years.” he says before he disappears. [Hugo’s flash back ends.] “That’s when I decided to protect Iki from any enemies.” he mentions to himself.

Hugo went home after he made up with Iki; he said his goodbyes for the day. Hugo walks to his home and he saunters to his bedroom where he picks up his black mobile phone to ring his mother.


“Hello mum…” he says.


“Hugo, are you okay? I’ve been worried, but I remember you said I shouldn’t call you.” says Hugo’s mother.

“I’m good…I just wanted to say thank you for being my mother and being there for Me.” he says.

His mother is surprised but happy, she responds “Thank you…Can I call more often?”

“Yeah.” Hugo replies.


She smiles in relief that she still has a good relationship with her son, she says “I’ll let dad know that you called, I’ll call you again tomorrow.”

He smiles and affirms “Yeah sure.” he ends the call and lays down on his bed. “Even though we have different views and we have arguments.

We are still family, and we care for each other; I can’t let my pride keep getting in the way. There’s no denying I love my family, even though you won’t hear me saying It.” he expresses to himself.

He rolls over onto his belly and says “All I need now is Yuki’s number. It shouldn’t be a problem after all I have the most dazzling muscles…I’ll have a chance at school tomorrow.”

Elsewhere in a hidden location in an underground training facility, Aiko is training Iki how to use his Sensor powers as he still wants to know how to defeat Paimons.

“Clear your mind, and control your breathing, now imagine a red wave while you simultaneously slash the air with your sword.” she voices.


He slashes the air with his sword release a crimson red slash of energy which cuts through a boulder in the training room. “YES I DID IT!” rejoices Iki as this was his 10th attempt.

Aiko folds her arms, “That’s enough for today, don’t forget the principle wants you in her office tomorrow as well.” she tells Iki. He is baffled as he had forgotten all about the homework she gave him. “Aiko…” he says with puppy eyes, Aiko interrupts swiftly by saying “Nope.

Do the work by yourself. Do you know how lucky you are, that she’s actually going that far to look after you.” Iki dusts himself off and walks to the entrance while commenting “I know…I know. [Pause.] I’m heading out first.”


“I can’t help but feel like taking revenge on the Paimons…It’s easy for others to judge and mention their opinion, but when you’re the one going through the pain it’s not the same. [Pause.] I don’t know how to explain it.


[Pauses while looking at his fist.] But I know I need to get revenge!” he explains to himself. Later on Iki went back to his own home to lay down on his bed and closes his eyes, “Dad…I never really had a chance to get to know you, and I will never will.[Pause.] All the times I just wanted to see you…On birthdays I always stayed optimistic. I’d stay in the living room waiting all day and into the night to share the cake you and mum sent to the house.


My heart would always sink; I always try calling using the house phone but no answer. I just wanted to be with my father and mother for my birthday, but that never became a reality. I feel sadness…Anger…Confusion. The only thing that makes sense right now is killing Paimons, I don’t know if you’re watching me above in the sky, but I promise to get revenge.


Elsewhere Reo is visiting his clan’s grave stone, which is hidden in a forest. He kneels down on one knee on top of the twigs that are on the floor, and lays saffron yellow roses down onto the bottom of the yellow diamond shaped grave stone. He stops to reminiscence what happened…

“Mum! Look there’s a bird!” said the young Reo as he walked through the park with his mother on a very sunny day, an attractive blue sky, with people smiling as they walked with their friends or family.


“Oh yes, I see it! Well done for spotting it.” Replied his mother with a genuine smile.

[Fast forward five years.]

The Head captain of the sensum society ordered the rest of the captains and their squads to kill everyone in the Anda Mördare clan.


At the night of the massacre Reo had decided to go late night shopping to buy some protein ingredients for his glorious muscles, he doesn’t waste time deciding on what to buy, and is quick to buy and exit the store. He stops to look at the sky the stars sparkle until the off white clouds quickly cover them. Reo lifts his shopping bag like a dumbbell, once his arm got tired his switched to his other arm, while walking back to his house.


As he just got home he takes off his shoes and walks down his hallway, He didn’t bother to say his is back as his family except  his older sister (who was exiled from the clan) and their clan have gone to a meeting.

As Reo made his dinner that grim night, the Sensors murdered his clan…Including his Parents. He only realized when his sister rushed to his house in distress. 

“Reo!” she screamed while banging on the door.

He rushes to the front door and quickly opens the door. “Ao what’s wrong?” he says confused.




She rushes and hugs him tight for a while and the lets go to say “Reo…You’ve got to listen to be and not go crazy…””Okay…” he says.” Mum and dad and the Anda Mördare clan have all been killed.” she cries.

Reo is confused and says “what are you talking about?”

“The Sensors from the Sensum Society killed them all, they are died.” she says breaking down in tears. Reo was going to say that she was lying, until he saw their mother’s hair pieces in her hand.

That day Reo swore vengeance against the Sensum society, he has a permanent burning flame of hatred in his heart. [His flash back ends.] He raises himself up from the one knee down position.


“I will get revenge…I promise.”  He asseverates. Meanwhile, Reo’s sister Ao is at home making dinner, “Reo must have gone to the clan’s grave.” she guesses. She finishes cooking and starts to clean away utilities she was using, “Reasons…I guess everyone in the world has different reasons to justify their actions…The worst thing about reasons are that they are usually filled by emotion not logic.” Ao explains to herself.


She takes her phone out of her pocket and checks the time, “My responsibility is to look after my muscle head brother. How old is he again? He needs a girlfriend to calm him down about his own muscles 24, 7. [She sighs.] Reo is always saying something about muscles, muscles and more muscles.” she mentions out loud.


Reo is back at home and says “Such delicious muscles, I should work at a restaurant!” he suddenly gets confronted by his older sister, “REO THAT’S IT I’M GETTING YOU A GIRLFRIEND!” she enounces.

He smiles and states “Pointless all the girls already love my majestic muscles, even the PTA held a meeting about my out of the world muscles!” Her karate chops his head.

“Idiot!” she emphasizes as her waltz away, “Your dinner is ready on the table…Stupid.” she informs Reo as she continues to walk away.


“My muscles appreciate that you were so thoughtful in making our dinner.” he reports to his sister. She stops and turns around with an angry face.

“Woah sis you won’t be able to get a man like that, you should smile more.” says in a concerning voice.


“Do you want to know what heaven looks like?” she proposes to him while smiling.

He says with a serious face “The heaven is me. Can’t you see these Godly muscles?”


Ao knocks out Reo; he lies on the floor,

With a health bar at zero.











盛り Chapter 5 Hero ヒーロー

It’s the 6th of September, the cold and rainy season has started. On News screens right now, “Breaking news the principal of a school has been kidnapped for ransom, the criminals want $300,000 in cash within 3 days or they won’t guarantee the principal.” announces the news presenter.

Iki is in his pyjamas and eating a slice of bread with butter and honey spread on top for his breakfast, he happens to hear what the new reporter said and he sees the picture. The slice of bread drops. There is a silent pause in the room.

Until Iki yells “Principal!” in disbelief, and decides to rapidly change his clothes and rushes out the door to go outside to look for his principal.


“Where is she? Where? Damn it!” he stresses to himself while running round town. Iki barges a stranger in a black suit by accident, the man’s black bag hit the floor, and he is quick to express “Watch where you’re going idiot!” Iki quickly bows, “Sorry!” he replies in a rush, as he continues to run with a longing desire to save the principal. There are less people about down this street; he stops to look at the navy blue sky, with thick stone grey clouds drifting across the world.


Iki’s intuition told him that the principal might be at Shako tama high school, he rushes to his school holding onto the hope like a yellow thin piece of thread. Now he needs to cross the bridge in order to get to the over side of the road, so he sprints up the watery steps and swiftly gets across the bridge; He passes by individuals  and couples who are on their phones or talking to each other. Iki takes a short cut to his school, he keeps up the pace, there’s narrow path. There are beetle black bin bags stashed along each side of the narrow path way, with just enough room for him to sprint past them.


He reaches the end of the path and is stopping to catch his breath, his arms fall beside his waist, in which he places his hands on top of his knees with his head facing downwards. Iki rests for around one minute and notices fake cops patrolling the schools premises with flash lights. Iki enters into the building unnoticed, he creeps up the stairs to the second floor, he can he feint sounds from above.


“I must be lucky that there are no cameras inside our school building. Otherwise I would have been caught already.” he mentions to himself.


As he continues up the stairs he realises that he is leaving wet foot prints due to the rain. “I’ve got to hurry or I’ll be caught.” he states.


The boy continues up the land around the stairs, he hears a conversion coming from behind the principals brown oak doors.


“Boss are you sure they will pay us?” says one of the worried kidnappers.


The leader who has scruffy brown hair and black dead eyes, with stubble for a beard and whose height is 6 feet is sitting in the principals raven black leather chair, with a cigarette in his mouth. Also has charcoal black military type boots on top of her mahogany desk.


He angrily glares at his worried comrade. “Do you want to pay instead?” the leader proposes, while pulling on his cigarette.


“No…I was just t-thinking that they might not pay that much money boss.” he confesses his true feelings to the leader.



The principal at this time is tied up with thick brown rope, and is lying on the polished beige oak flooring with silver masking tape across her mouth. She gazes at the giant dove white curtains which the kidnappers closed, so that no one could see inside her office.


“She’s Nagao Rino. [He pauses.] Her family is wealthy…If you ask me any more stupid questions, I’ll blow your head off.” the leader addresses his subordinate. He lifts up his golden Smith & Wesson Model SW1911, 3.5-4 lb. trigger pull, throated barrel, precision Crowned Muzzled, Polished Feed Ramp, Spherical Barrel Bushing gun. He cocks his shiny Smith & Wesson and points it directly at Rino’s head.


“AAAAH! AAAH! AAAH!”  Rino tries to scream; unfortunately her scream is muffled due to the masking tape which has her mouth sealed.


Without warning Iki smashes down the door, he steps forward with his right foot and launches a jumping fly kick to the leaders jaw, in which sent the leader flying backward without his gun. Next he steps back and then executes a spinning hook kick to one of the subordinate’s chin that causes the subordinate to slam into the wall and slide onto the floor. The kidnapping was quickly over; as the criminals are lying on the floor unconscious Iki avoided using his true powers as it would be a problem. Now he is taking off the tape and untying the rope around her.


The Principal just looks down and cries. Iki stops and looks at her. “I’m sure she was really scared. I don’t know what to do to make her happy…I guess I’ll do that.” he explains to himself. The hero lifts her up like a princess, and as he begins to walk out of her office.


“Thank you.” She expresses is a quiet tone.


“I’m just returning the favor…” Iki says gently.


Right now he is walking out side of the school building to where the actual police happened to be.


“Are you the person who called us? Thank you saving the principal and helping us, but I do want to tell you violence is not the answer, you don’t want to get into trouble when you are older.” The police officer warns.

Iki lets Rino down onto her jet black heels and replies with “Yes I called, and I understand.”


“Good, now let us take it over from here. Your job is done.” he informs Iki.

“Bye, Rino!” he says while smiling, during the same time he walks off into the distance, the principal who is captivated by Iki’s bravery today, is looking at his back, now she blushes.


“I’m glad the police didn’t ask too many questions…” he whispers whilst he places his hands in his comfy black chino pockets whilst walking home.

The day went by, it’s now morning time for Iki, he gets up groggy, and he picks up his phone to check the time. It says 7:00 am, the boy throws his phone somewhere on his bedroom floor. He sticks his face into his White pillow and closed his eyes, in an attempt to get some more sleep. Two hours later his mobile starts ringing off.


“Tsch. who…” he stops mid sentence to realise that Rino has been calling. (22 missed calls) Iki starts worrying that she might be in trouble again, so his rushes to call her back. The phone call connects.

“Hello? Rino? Are you okay?” he expresses in a worried voice.


“WHY DIDN’T YOU PICK UP THE PHONE EARLIER?” Rino shouts with frustration.

Iki moves the phone away from his ear as she was speaking too loud down the phone. “Why are you shouting for? I just woke up that’s why!” he replies.


“What do you mean just woke up? It’s 11:00 and you’re supposed to be at my office, don’t you remember?” she chides.

“But I thought you would be at home, because of what happened yesterday?” he wonders.


“Don’t worry about that. You’re on the news, the police said that to the news reporters and now they’re waiting at school to speak to you. So hurry up and get yourself here!” she demands whilst hanging up on him.”Ahh man, this is effort. I just woke up…Do I even have a suit?” he says whilst picking the perfect outfit for the news reporters at school.


Iki arrives at his school; the news reporters and the principal are starring at Iki. He stands there in front of them strong and proud, he smiles while looking up at the sky in complete certainty.


He stands there wearing a black tailored suit, including a checkered black waistcoat, with a plain white shirt. The suit has diamond shaped gold cuff links. He is wearing a D&A belt which is a black leather belt with a gold logo as a buckle. Iki has stylish black leather shoes. All of a sudden students are gathering at the school windows chanting the word hero.


“I love you Iki!” shouts a group of girls, whilst waving at him.

“Go out with me!” says a girl who is love struck.

“Iki is our hero!” One of the boy students shouts.

“So Iki we just want to ask a few questions is that fine?” A reporter asks with a brown cap.

“Sure.” replies Iki whilst thinking, “These *#@#$ were trying to kick me out of school because of my red hair, now they are acting like nothing happened.” He recalls in his mind.


“How did you know where to find the principal?” says Mr. Brown cap.

“I ran around town to try and find her, but I had no luck until I thought of trying our school.” Iki explains.

“Wow that’s good, but I heard that the school had lots of trained criminals patrolling the school premises. I’m really curious how you were able to save the principal despite just being a high school student.” A cunning reporter asks.

“Well I sneaked inside the school building and carefully went up the stairs and got lucky. And what I mean by that is that I found where they were holding her captive but I was able to take them by surprise. If anything went wrong I would have been dead for certain, so I guess I’m just a lucky high school student.” He explains.


“Enough questions.” The principal tells the reporter, as she places her hand behind Iki’s back and escorts him into the school building and to her office.

She sits down and gets ready to speak to Iki who is standing a little bit away from her mahogany desk.


“Firstly I want to thank you properly for saving me. But I want to also say that the school welcomes you back as a normal student, so starting from Wednesday which is tomorrow, you’ll be attending your normal lessons.” she reveals.

“Just like that I’m back in loop? I think there something wrong with this world.” he says to himself.


“Thank you principal!” Iki voices whist smiling.

Iki leaves the room to go home. Rino is blushing, “I think I might have a crush on him.” she confesses to herself. She gently places her right hand just below her nose, “This isn’t good.” she mumbles to herself.


He is being swarmed by girls; they are trying to take selfies with him, to post it on their social media. He swiftly escapes into the toilets and climbs out of the window. Iki has no plans to entertain people who disrespected him before. He goes home and jumps into bed.

“The amount of time I spent in my bed, I’m must be classed as a neet.” he says out loud. He goes onto his phone and scrolls through his social media, he sees himself in the news, and sees himself in selfies with other people.

“Why do people crave so much attention? They do the most to be relevant; they sell everything including their soul. They surround themselves with fake people, and pretend like they like each other…Oh well it has nothing to do with me.” Iki claims as he locks his phone places it front down beside him.



The boy’s phone vibrates, Aiko is calling, and Iki slowly picks up his phone and answers. “Hello Iki, I’m coming over now keep the door unlocked.” she informs him.

“okay.” he replies, She hangs up the phone call.

“When was the last time I saw her? I think it was when we were…And Hugo interrupted us.” He recalls whilst blushing.


“Is it okay for both of us to be alone together…” He worries.

Aiko opens his door and walks in and closes his door, she confronts Iki by saying “Are you trying to get yourself in trouble on purpose?” she asks angrily.

“What are you talking about?” he replies baffled.


She frowns and says “I told you, if the Sensum society notices for second that you have this power they won’t hesitate to take you away. They will use you like a puppet in order to achieve their goals, not everyone in the Sensum society are good people. They are not like your father.” she explains in a very serious tone.



Iki stays silent for a while, and then says “Even if that’s true, I didn’t use my powers, so how would they know?”

“It’s a possibility, do don’t do anything reckless again.” She says sternly.


“Okay, I understand.” he responds.

Meanwhile in the Sensum society…A messenger who is dressed in all black suit, with a white straw Kasa. They both are in a dim room, he is now reporting to the head captain.


“We have located captain Himura’s son, we are ready to deploy our sensors at a seconds notice.” The messenger reports to him.


“That’s good. Bring him to me now, I don’t care what methods you use.” The head captain commands.

Somewhere else in a back street, Hugo is wounded, the amount of Paimons that have been appearing have increased. He is reaching his limit. His back is resting against the grey cold concrete wall of a building. His head is just below some black pipes, Hugo is trying to suppress the bleeding with his hand however, and it’s a futile effort as the blood still is pouring out.


“I’ve found you!” The Paimon shouts, while it’s creepy face smiles in front of Hugo’s face.

“sh…” Hugo blurts out but is interrupted as the Paimon smacked him; Hugo is unable to defend himself and is sent flying backwards, his body flips backwards till he hits a trash bin. Now he is further down the back street, the Paimon isn’t wasting time and sprints after him, he tries to move and escape but his injuries are grave this time.


“I guess this really is it…” That’s the last thing Hugo says.

The Paimon prepares to brutally finish Hugo with a combination attack. Hugo’s memories flash before his eyes, the memories of the nights he protected Iki from the Paimons and the memories of them laughing together. His cherished memories of Yuki and the happy and embarrassing times they spent together were also the memories which flashed before him.


It launches its brutal attack on Hugo, the Paimon smashes him into the ground causing the concrete to shatter and scatter around.  Hugo’s eyes turn white, his body covered with blood, with his body bruised and battered.

With Iki being targeted and the enemies lurking, will Iki be able to survive find out on the next Chapter of PRIME!







盛り Chapter 6惨事- Tragedy


The sky is black.

The Moon is red.

The streets lights are on.

The roads and sidewalks are empty.

“Leader they’re inside this house.” whispers one of the Sensum soldiers.

They creep. They smile. They get in position.

They pull up their black masks and pull out their razor-sharp blades.

It’s time.

A Sensum soldier smashes through Iki’s bedroom window, the rest follow behind him.

Iki abruptly wakes up and tries to react, however the soldier’s have already got Aiko as a hostage and Iki is surrounded. He gets frustrated and tries to strike them down.

“I wouldn’t if I was you…or she will die. Come with us peacefully, and we won’t harm her.” he explains.

Iki looks at Aiko concerned but realises that he should follow their orders.

He tuts and mutters “Ok.”

One of the soldiers uses the hilt of their blade to knock him out.

“Aiko you know that the head captain wanted him brought to the Sensum society, so not only did you fail to complete his orders. You were obviously hiding him. You’re classed as a traitor now; I hope you are ready to face your prison sentence. “The leader of the retrieval group explains.

“What are you going to do with him?” she asks in a worried tone.


“Simple. We will make him a useful puppet, to serve the Sensum society.” the leader replies in a brazen manner.

Aiko gets angry and tries to attack him however, since one of the soldier’s have their blade next to her neck so she stops moving.

“Woah there, it would be worrisome is our precious traitor gets injured before even getting back home now.” the leader says while laughing.

The Sensum soldier knocks her out, and then they proceed to open a black triangle portal back to the Sensum society. They carry Aiko and Iki through the gate then it closes.

Meanwhile at Shakotama High School Yuki has been texting Hugo’s mobile, but had no response.


“Hey Hugo,

It’s Yuki.

I got your number from Iki.” she sent yesterday but had no reply.

“I wonder if he’s angry I got his phone number without asking him?” she ponders in class, whilst flicking her black pen between her index and middle fingers.

“Or maybe something bad happened?” she asks herself in deep thought.

An old Japanese math teacher is writing on the backboard and turns around slightly to notice Yuki daydreaming. He stops writing and faces her.


“Yuki if you cannot learn in class, you won’t have any chance of getting a boyfriend.” The teacher expresses.

The class starts to burst out in laughter and she is embarrassed and replies with “Sorry.”

Time passes, the class ends, it is now lunch time.

Yuki decides to use this time to look for Hugo in school however, she discovers that no one knows where Iki is, let alone know where Hugo is.

“I thought she hated Hugo?” says a female student to another female student.

“Do you think they are dating now?” she replies to her friend.


Yuki is too busy trying to find Hugo, to pay attention to them.

Her worries start to intensify, she tries to search for Aiko but she gets the same results. Now things are really starting to look bad. She runs out of school.

“Where should I go?” she blurts out to herself while jogging down the street, in her school uniform.

“I only know where Iki lives, I’ll start there!” she confirms to herself.

She runs past people on the sidewalks in a rush.

“What’s her problem?” asks a stranger


“Shouldn’t she be in school?” asks another person.

She takes a right down a street and jogs for a short while down the sidewalk. She stops in front of Iki’s house; Yuki opens his gate and knocks on the door. But there is no response.

“If you are looking for Iki, he went out to visit his uncle with Aiko and Hugo.” asserts Reo as he appears behind Yuki.

She is startled but understands what Reo said and is slightly relieved. She asks “What are you doing here? But shouldn’t you be at school?” whilst being suspicious.

“Iki invited me to come, but I happened to wake up late. I guess they couldn’t wait for me to get ready. You will get in trouble if you don’t head back to school.” Reo assures her.


Yuki believes Reo and decides to head back to school so she doesn’t get into trouble.

“Good, Hugo wouldn’t want you to be involved. Now then it’s going to take a while to for him to recover, but at least I managed to get a portal key off that Sensum soldier. So we can go save Iki and Aiko. But then again, can we?” he asks himself.

Meanwhile in the Sensum society…

“Leader, we are missing one of our members.” The Sensum soldier says.

The leader doesn’t take great interest into the matter and responds “I’m sure he will come back when he is ready.”


On the other hand, in Shakotama city in a back alley, lays the Sensum soldier hidden under black bin bags.

Back in Shakotama city, in the Shakotama hospital.

Reo is sitting beside Hugo who is currently asleep in his hospital bed which is next to the window again.

“I am seriously surprised though. How was he able to fight against that monster alone? Wait more importantly how is he able to see the Paimon? Does that mean he is a Sensum soldier? But then again he is not wearing their uniform.” he asks himself curiously, with a frown on his face.


Hugo starts to slowly wake up and open his eyes. He looks at the ceiling and has a nostalgic feeling; he gazes to his left to see Reo with a serious face.

“I’m sure…You want to know. But I can’t tell you at the moment.” Hugo mutters.

Reo looks at his eyes with a serious expression.

“Fine…But only because I have something to tell you.” Reo says.

Hugo has a strange feeling and asks Reo “What is it?” in a concerning tone.


“Iki and Aiko have been captured by the Sensum soldiers and have been transported to the Sensum society…They are planning to turn Iki into a puppet which serves them and Aiko has been labeled a traitor. In most cases they will execute her.” Reo explains in a calm manner.

Hugo is stunned.

He doesn’t know how to react.

His childhood friend… The person he has been protecting for years…Has been taken away to be turned into a puppet.

Rage fills Hugo’s eyes; He frowns, and tries to get out of bed. However, he is still injured.


“Don’t do anything rash, I have a plan to save them but first you need to rest.” he tells Hugo.

He stands up and strolls to the hospital where he says “I’ll be back to tell you the next step, just stay in bed and recover.”

“Wait Reo tell me how I can save him!” he says in a loud and desperate tone.



Reo continues to stroll out of the hospital room and out of the hospital. He travels the same underground training location, which Iki and Aiko where using.

“I’m still surprised you came to me for help…” says an old man, with a brown cap and light brown eyes; with a small nose and a loud laugh.

He stands about 5ft1 and wears mostly different shades of brown. He carries a shiny bronze walking stick.

Reo responds with “I had no one else to turn to.”

The old man laughs loudly and replies “Of course, why else would you want to train with someone who used to be a Sensum soldier.”


“Old man if it’s alright with you, I want to start training straight away.” he asks

He looks at Reo’s eyes and can see the determination, so he replies with “Sure…Come at me seriously.”

Reo has equipped his Chakram onto his arms and back, he uses his index finger on his left hand to spin one of them around, and is holding one firmly with his right hand.

He quickly throws one of the Chakrams at the old man’s neck, but he quickly evades. Reo rapidly throws three more precisely at his neck. However, the old man was able to avoid them again, by side stepping at unbelievable speeds!


Reo draws his beautiful o tanto and fast steps to the old man and thrusts his blade upward at his neck. The old man slips the attack and quickly flicks up his walking stick in which causes it to rapidly spin mid air. He grabs it and whacks Reo, he gets sent flying backwards into a massive rock. Reo’s body slides down onto the ground.

“Maybe I over did it…” He said.

Reo grips his o tanto and slowly gets up.

“Let’s keep going.” he mutters, whilst regaining his balance.

The old man walks up to him and voices “Doing this won’t get you anywhere, so let me teach you a secret technique.”

He is surprised and doesn’t know what to say.



Suddenly draws the sword out of his cane and told Reo to listen.

“Do you know why your attacks are so easy to evade? It’s because they have no energy.” he comments.

“What are you talking about?” he replies in disbelief.

“Just watch.” he responds as he starts to generate white Sensum energy around his sword, next he swings his sword gently and slices through another boulder in the training room with ease. The boulder slides down onto the floor and smashes into smaller pieces.

Immediately Reo is shocked by the pure power of his energy, he’s afraid and excited at the same time. His body is trembling, but he starts to walks towards the Old man.

“This is just the basics…” he reveals.

“Teach me!” Reo speaks out.


Meanwhile in the Sensum society…Aiko is sentence has been confirmed.

“She is to be sentenced for life and is to stay in black triangle void while every bit of Sensum energy is sucked away from her body.” The head captain commands.

The audience in the judgment room was uneasy, as she didn’t commit an actual crime but rather didn’t adhere to the head captains desires.

“Her Sensum energy is the only thing that is useful about her, so we might as well take it from her as she now just disposable trash.” The head captain added.

“Do you really think that’s fair!” shouts a man in the audience.

The head captains eyes light up and instantly knocks him unconscious, no one was able to see him attack the man. It was that fast!

The audience quickly realized that they shouldn’t say anything because he is in a league in terms of power.

Fear swiftly encircled the room and it started to suffocate them.


“Now then, does anyone else want to voice their opinion.” he asks with an evil smile.

There was not a single sound in the room; the audience’s faces were stone cold.


The “Trial.” was over. Aiko was thrown into the black triangle prison for life.

Several weeks have past.

A tall friendly guard gave her food and water three times a day, without fail, meanwhile Iki had been taken into the Sensum laboratory.

They had to knock out Iki to him from causing so much trouble. They placed him on a secret symbol.

“How much longer will it take?” The head captain asks.

“Just three more days and the process will be complete.” The wicked man calmly assures him.

After the head captain and the man had left to do other things, a Sensum solider with a heart of hatred, has lurked inside the room where Iki lays.



The deep hatred inside his heart was due to him being demoted from head captain, as Iki’s father had proven himself to be more worthy of him.

“Your father’s death isn’t enough, the shame and pain I went through because of that man…It won’t be enough until I take your life.” he expresses to himself, whilst creeping up to a switch.

“This is my justice for what your father has caused; if you weren’t his son…You would have been able to live freely. But unfortunately for you, this is the end.” he comments before activating the switch.

A trapdoor under Neath Iki is activated and he falls slowly into the abyss.

“There’s no way anyone can survive that trap even if they were conscious, because the stones block Sensum energy. So it’s impossible for you to live.” he says to Iki who is currently unconscious and slowly falling into the deep abyss.

The head captain is talking with the evil man, whilst heading back to his home.

“You don’t suppose he could be a threat due to his powers?” he asks the Head captain curiously.


“That symbol was built by the most powerful head captain in history, there’s no chance of him regaining consciousness…Even if there happened to be some odd chance, he built a trap underneath which has special bricks which absorbed or you could say blocks one from using their powers. Also at deep down at the bottom is Sensum spikes, you could say it’s the ultimate death trap.” The head captain answers.


The evil man believes the head captains words and feels reassured.

“Okay, there’s no problem then.” he comments.

Mean while, Iki is still falling slowly, his mind is black, his breathing is slow.

This is getting seriously dangerous as he is getting very close to the Sensum spikes, it will instantly kill him when it pierces his body.

He needs to wake up now!

He needs to move fast!

He needs to activate his power swiftly!

Iki is heading head first towards the spikes and it’s only a couple of inches away from his death.



盛り Chapter 7 –The Awakened Power


Iki’s forehead is 3 centimeters away from the Sensum spikes.

The Ex Sensum captain confirms “its over.” whilst walking away.

“Let you and your dad atone for your sins in hell.” he comments.

The ex-captain walks outside the building.

He takes another three slow steps.

The path he stands on is surrounded by the Sensum society’s main barracks, just few miles away lays the city of normal Sensum workers and the poor.

The Sky is baby blue; the thin, small clouds are paper thin. The sun is bright yellow, the Sensum Captains and soldiers are carrying out their daily routine.

They each have their own sector in the Sensum society’s main headquarters. Only six remain here, as the other five are in the Paimon Kingdom.

Aiko is currently in her prison, praying for Iki’s safety.

Hugo stop training temporarily, “I just hope he is not doing anything reckless…” he comments to himself.

Iki’s hair starts to wave in a slight circular motion.

Iki starts to transform.

His hair turns light pink.

His eyes turn colour to a shiny crimson red.

The clothes on Iki turn black.

The energy he emits, and his sword turns to light pink.

“Vrai Sang.” he speaks.

A burst of pink Sensum energy blasts through the room’s ceiling and soars into the sky.

Iki disappears.

“NANI!” shouts the Kadiri (Head captain) whilst shocked. The head captain who has the most stunning crimson red eyes and flat silver hair with a short silver beard on his chin. He has a slim but ripped body, with evil tendencies.

“Impossible!” shouts the ex-captain, whilst in disbelief.

“What the hell is happening?” says captain Seibei in the south sector, with a worried face. This man has medium length black hair with black eyes. His body is slim and has a great sense of fashion.

“This Sensum energy level is off the charts!” vice captain Ennosuke in the north sector expresses. He is a man with medium brunette bangs with hazel eyes. He has a buff and toned body and loves to party.

“This person is dangerous!” comments captain Meisa from the west sector, with a serious look on her face. She has baby pink hair and red crimson eyes; she has a busty body and is toned. She craves power and loves to reign over others.

“If this is an enemy, there’s no chance of me fighting!” A Sensum soldier in the east blurts out loud, whilst looking for somewhere to escape to.

The energy disperses into very shiny and tiny pink stars.

The sky is looking so beautiful.

“Such an attractive blend of pink and blue.” confesses a worker in the outskirts of the Sensum society.

Iki strolls up to the ex-captain and walks by his side.

Softly, silently, and swiftly rises up his sword and waves his sword elegantly.

A flood of pink Sensum energy blows him away.

The surround buildings are damaged with dust and debris scattered around.

Iki disappears.

The captain from the west is informing her soldiers, “Capture or kill the enemy depending on the situation, whether or not they are friend or foe, they are dangerous. That’s it now go!” she tells them.

She decides to go ahead and check on location, where the energy first appeared.

The captain stands outside the broken building.

Iki is as light as a pink feather steps next to her.

He stands there with a stolid expression on his face.

Iki starts to yawn and covers his mouth gently with his hand.

Next he flicks the captain with his index finger and blasts her with his energy which sends her flying backwards into the wall.

Iki disappears.

In the south west district the captain is drinking his favorite tea.

The captain has blond bangs with emerald green eyes, his body is big and toned, his loves women and tea.

No one ever dares to disturb him, when he is drinking his tea.

He goes on a violent rampage.

If anyone were to even slightly disturb him.

In Addition, to that he is the 4th strongest in the Sensum Society.

A messenger is waiting to tell the captain about the enemy that has appeared in the Sensum society.

He is too afraid to disturb the captain in his room.

The captain is standing whilst savoring every drip of his tea.

Iki appears in front of him.

He takes the captains cup of tea and drinks it.

“Ahh, nice.” he comments.

The captain is in disbelief and shock, due to the many questions and violations which occurred in such a short amount of time.

Iki smashes the cup of tea on the captain’s head.

This causes the captain to go unconscious and then Iki sidekicks him out of the window.

The messenger is truly shocked, his jaw dropped!

Iki disappears.

“Who is this guy?” The messenger asks himself.

“I can’t believe he just defeated a captain, with no effort, the look in his eye’s alone is making me fear him.” he also says.

Iki appears in an open area with building on each side of him.

The grey floor spans out far.

Iki stands there in silence.

Opposite him is head captain Kadiri, standing with an evil grin on your face.

“At first, I was slightly worried, but I realised the reason why your attacking the captains one by one is because you’re not strong enough to take us on together.”  He comments.

Captain Seibei, Ennosuke, and Meisa appear next to the head captain. Their clothes are ripped and their bodies are damaged from Iki’s previous attacks.

“Can you really beat us with no cheap tricks? I suggest you become my puppet peacefully, and I’ll guarantee you won’t feel any pain.” says Kadiri.

Iki says “Impossible.”

The captains instantly surround him and chain him down with their Sensum energy, the head captain charges up his Red Sensum energy. It starts to blaze around his body.

He draws his sword and lets his Sensum energy flow into and around his sword.

“You will regret defying me!” he says whilst swinging down his sword at Iki.

Time starts to slow down.

The head captain’s sword is gradually coming down above Iki’s head.

His Sensum energy around his sword flutters slowly,

Kadiri shouts out his swords power “Red Sea King!”

His energy takes the form of a great “red” shark.

It launches an attack on Iki.

“Looks like this is it.” affirms captain Meisa.

“Rest in peace.” comments captain Seibei.

“With you dead my revenge is complete.” expresses Ennosuke.

Iki’s expresses fear through his facial muscles.

He knows that he was too conceited after gaining this new found power.

“It’s too late now to regret…I’m going to die. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you Aiko.” He mutters to himself.

He closed his eyes for the last time.

Everything is back to normal speed.

In Iki’s mind everything turns white.

“So this is what it means to die?” he asks himself.

“Sorry I couldn’t save you from the darkness mother.” he expresses himself.

A bright, warm and friendly light shines in Iki’s mind.

“Brother, you know I have your back till the end.” affirms Hugo whilst bringing Iki back to reality by placing his hand on his left shoulder.

This is a powerful eye opener for Iki, as Hugo stands next to him with a smile on his face whilst he defends Iki from the Head captain’s attack.

“After all this drama is finished, why don’t we go eat together?” Hugo says asks.

Iki is feeling overwhelmingly grateful and is still speechless.

“Use this and hurry back home! I will catch up soon…” Hugo tells Iki whilst smiling and gives him a portal key to get back home, where the old man is waiting.

“Thank you so much.” Iki whispers and activates the portal and escapes.

Hugo stands in the middle of the four captains, with blood dripping out from the side of his torso.

He is still smiling.

“With this, my debt to Iki is gone.” he confirms to himself.

The captains get ready to attack simultaneously.

“It’s been fun my brother…Thank you for being my first friend, I really do appreciate you. I’m sorry Yuki for not coming back home alive. Also thank you to the old man and Reo for allowing me to do this. Lastly thank you to my human parents who took me in and looked after me.” He expresses in his mind whilst having flash backs of his memories.

The captains launch their final attack.

Multiple slashes run wild all over Hugo’s body.

His blue blood takes the form of a rose with petals scattered across the floor.

“This is for the best…Live Iki…” the last words that Hugo says.

There is an unbroken silence at this time.

Until captain Meisa kicks Hugo’s body over to check if he was dead.

She confirms that he is and walks away in silence.

The head captain looks at captain Meisa and says to the rest of the captains “Track down my puppet now! Do not let him get away!” he expresses.

Kadiri and the rest of the captains move quickly to another location to try and track down Iki, while leaving Hugo’s body on the ground.

Meanwhile, Reo finally found Aiko’s prison.

The old man’s intuition made him say to Reo before he left to Search for the black triangle prison, based on him knowing what the head captain is like.

He does not want to waste time and uses his Chakram to slice the very top of the prison, then he rushes over and lifts Aiko up and carries her while opening the portal.

Just one second later three captains appeared, just as the portal closed.

“Damn it! They got away.” says Meisa.

“It’s their lucky day, since they managed to get away.”  Ennosuke comments.

The head captain Kadiri gets angry shouts “ENOUGH TALKING! HUNT THEM DOWN NOW!”

The captains & vice captains disperse to track them down.

Meanwhile Iki walks out of the portal and sees an old man.

Iki is suspicious and places his hand on his hilt, whilst still being in his Vrai Sang form.

“Whoa whoa, that is not how you treat an old man now is it?” the old man replies.

“Who are you?” he asks sternly with a frown on his face.

“I’ am the one who trained Hugo & Reo and helped them rescue you and Aiko.” he replies.

Iki calms down after trusting what the old man just said.

Suddenly Aiko and Reo fall out of the portal in a rush.

Reo gets up and says “Is that everyone then? Let’s go quick, before the captains get here!” he expresses with joy that everyone made it back to the spot where everyone was suppose to gather.

“No…Not everyone has made it back.” says the old man.

Reo scans the room with his eyes, and comes to a sad and sudden conclusion.

“Hugo’s not here…Damn it!” he expresses whilst clinching his fist.

Iki just realises what happened.

His face starts to gloom.

Small & tiny tears start to glide down his face.

Everyone looks and focuses on Iki.

“It’s my fault.” he says.

A silent pause occurs.

“He stand behind to fight off the captains, and said to me he would will catch up soon.” he explains.

The atmosphere glooms with sadness and sorrow.

“How could I be so stupid? Iki expresses whilst being angry.

A silent pause occurs.

“Why did I trust your words?” He asks in pain.

A silent pause occurs.

“Old man open the portal I’ am going back to get Hugo!” he demands.

Iki rushes up to him and grips him by his white shirt.

The old man stays silent.

“I’m not going to ask a second time!” Iki shouts.

The old man uppercuts his stomach and knocks him unconscious.

“I’m sorry, but Hugo told us, ‘Save Iki at all costs, leave me there, he will understand one day.’ I’ll explain this to you once you’ve calmed down. But for now we need to go right now before the captains get us.” explains the old man.

The old man looks at Aiko and Reo with a serious face and opens a portal.

“Let’s go now!” he says.

They all passed through the portal. 

The captains arrive just seconds afterwards.

“We missed them again!” says Meisa.

“I guess we did.” says Seibei whilst unbuttoning his shirt’s collar.

Ennosuke walks around the room to the point where the Old man used the portal. 

“There is a strong trace of Paimon energy…They escaped to the Paimon Kingdom.” he says.

“Are you being serious?” Meisa replies.

“There is no need to worry; the most dangerous man is currently there.” Seibei comments.

 “The man that rivals the head captains full power…” Meisa replies in fear.

“I guess our job is done then, if that man is there…They probably won’t make it out alive.” comments Ennosuke.

Hugo is gone.

The most dangerous man is awaiting them as soon as they get through the portal.

What will happen next?