Firstly I would like to thank every single person that has read my novel, I’m truly grateful! Whether you liked it or not, is not important because the fact you still read my novel means a lot!

Next steps for my light novel, I have a few ideas. My original idea was to start with a light novel then turn it into a manga using money I received from Patreon or to translate my novel into Japanese to see how well it does online in the Japanese community. Of these goals are not small as creating a manga is probably at 100,000 pounds for my whole novel.

It may seem silly but my ultimate goal was to write a light novel, then a manga, then an anime. But to be honest the anime is more important then the manga. I was thinking of making a crowdfund to generate the money for the anime.

I know most people are saying it’s impossible, but let me say this…There’s nothing wrong with dreaming.

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